woensdag 27 november 2013


The police sketches seem to prove it.

The two pictures above are artist impressions of the two people seen by Dutch shop assistant Anna Stam in Amsterdam in 2007, in company of a girl that looked like Maddie.

And now look good at the photo above, they are the McCanns, and compare it with the two sketches above. Do they look like each other or not?
It has been  suspected for a long time already that the McCanns were involved in the disapparition of their daughter. From the first moment the Portuguese police suspected that they were involved in it. And although Maddie's mother, Kate McCann told the press that she and her husband wouldn't leave Portugal until her daughter was found, when the police increased the pressure on her and her husband they fled to England to avoid being imprisoned. In the begin, Kate presented herself to the press as a devout catholic mother who was heartbroken by the disapparition of her daughter, and she and her husband got a lot of sympathy, in Portugal, in England and all around the world. But as the police investigation progressed the police discovered things that didn't fit in the picture she sold to the press. Blood of Maddie was found in a car rented by the McCanns, and to make it worse Kate and Gerry McCann appeared in the media criticizing the Portuguese police and Portugal as a country. And although most of the British public opinion continued to unconditionally support the McCanns, in Portugal people was every day more hostile to them. And to make it even worse the police discovered that they were active in the swinger milieu, which does not fit into the picture of devout catholic that Kate sold to the press. And which also leads oneself to ask: is Gerry McCann really the father of Maddie? Or some idiot Kate fucked in a swinger party? Did Gerry want to sell her because she wasn't his daughter? Did Kate maybe agree to get more money for their secret vices?
In conspiracy circles it is believed that the McCanns sold their daughter to the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, to be used as his own sexual slave. And now I want to show you  something more. 

Of the two pictures here above, the first one is of Durao Barroso, the sketch you can see under his photo was released by the British police as the sketch of a suspect seen around the apartment of the McCanns around the time Maddie disappeared. The two faces are quite similar, same nose, similar eyes and mouth. The description of the man's body given by witnesses to the police also fitted Durao Barroso. If the rumors that appeared on internet would have been about somebody without the position of Durao Barroso, this person would have been arrested already long ago.

As in the Holloway case, Maddie's parents have become celebrities and they profited immensely from the disapparition of their daughter, plus what they may have gotten from Durao Barroso. And as in the Holloway case, in the end, the only one that loses is the disappeared girl. Again a little defenseless child has fallen in the dirty claws of the sick people that are at the top of our sick society , to be used in their sick rituals and vices.
Even if she is still alive and she could escape and publicly accuse Barroso, he would never be arrested, and nobody would complain about it. So idiotic has the sheeple become. But OK, let's stop talking about these things because otherwise I'll end up vomiting. I hope you are all OK and I'll be back very soon to shed some more light on the dark side of our society. See you!

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  1. Disapparition? You've been reading too much Harry Potter. Also those two pics, do not take each other, you're blind.

    The McCanns may have accidentally killed their daughter with sedatives but suggesting they sold her is Ridiculous. I doubt even you believe it, more likely you want viewers for your blog.