dinsdag 10 december 2013


 Paul McCartney died and an impostor took his place

Or at least that's what a conspiracy theory popular among Beatles and music fans in general says.
Now, with the 50th annyversary of the publication of the Beatles first record I thought it would be nice to make an article about it. With the annyversary, McCartney, who is already filthy rich, will become even richer, or at least the impostor who occupies his place will.
This theory is quite confusing and there are different versions of it.

The real Paul McCartney in 1964

According to the main theory, on November 9th, 1966, Paul McCartney walked out of a studio where he and the rest of The Beatles were recording for Sgt. Peppers album. He just had an argument with John Lennon. He stepped into his car and he drove away. His friends would never see him alive again.
But look good at the date, 11/9. Just like 9/11 but the other way around. Could McCartney have been murdered by the Illuminati for some reason? Did he discover that he and his friends were being used to spread the Satanic message among the youth and he was planning to talk or to leave The Beatles? I fear that we'll never know. But let's go back to the facts. After Paul drove away in his car, he crashed into a
When the authorities realized that the man in the car was McCartney they took swift measures.
They got John, Ringo and George and they showed them Paul's body. In the accident, he lost his head and the head itself was missing an eye.
 Once they were at the morgue and they recognized Paul's body, they were told by the secret services not to tell anything about Paul's dead. The British government did not want to lose the export revenues from The Beatles's records. They were scared about social unrest and they were pressured by their Illuminati masters who  didn't want to lose The Beatles as a platform to spread their Luciferian ideas among the youth. The idea was to replace McCartney by an impostor. Some go even further, and they propose that all The Beatles were murdered and replaced by doubles. The chosen man for the job was William Campbell aka Billy Shears, the winner of a Paul McCartney lookalike contest. The other three Beatles were threatened with death if they said something. To make Shears look more like McCartney he was subjected to different rounds of plastic surgery. The Three remaining real Beatles called him Faul, false or fake Paul.

On the left you can see the real Paul McCartney. On the right, Faul. You can see that Faul has a longer face, a longer nose, and his mouth is larger. You can also see that his eyes aren't so round as Paul's. This photo is of 1967. Nowadays Faul looks more like Paul, after being subjected to many operations of plastic surgery.

Ringo, George and John were threatened with death if they would ever tell anything about Paul's death. But in spite of that, they left many clues in their albums, that's how the story ended leaking out.
I won't name all the clues because there are hundreds of them, but I'll name the most important ones. If you want to see more clues you can go to this website: http://web.archive.org/web/20091125201352/http://homepages.tesco.net/harbfamily/opd/index.html 
The story came out in September of 1969, when the newspaper of the University of Drake published an article called "Is Beatle Paul McCartney dead?". One of the clues that the article described was that when the song Revolution 9 of the album White Album is played backwards you can hear "turn me on dead man". They are many other clues left in songs being played backwards. When you play a vinyl record backwards you damage it much quicker than if you play it forwards. That's why some people suggested that the all affair  was a conspiracy of  the record industry to sell more albums. 

In October, the rumor continued to spread after a guy called Tom told radio-station WKNR-FM about the conspiracy and its clues. Around a week later a disc jockey named Roby Yonge  talked about the PID conspiracy at WABC radio, a station heard in most of the US and even other countries. After an hour he was mysteriously pulled off the air. Was he telling something they did not want him to tell?
One of the most famous clues is the cover of the album Abbey Road, where you can see The Beatles walking in a funeral procession. Lennon dressed in the white like a preacher or an angel. Ringo dressed in black because he's mourning for Paul. Harrison dressed in blue like a worker representing a grave-digger. And Faul walks barefoot because he's dead, so he no longer needs shoes.

Abbey Road cover

Another legendary clue is the drum that appears on the cover of the Sargent Peppers album. If you put it against a mirror you'll read 1 1 9 he die (November 9th he died).

Also some speculate that John Lennon was murdered in 1980 by the FBI or the CIA because he was planning to tell the truth about Paul's death. Even Lennon's son thinks this. It's also believed that Yoko Ono was an MI6 agent. Curiously, around twenty years later somebody tried to kill George Harrison.
OK, that's all for now. I'll be back soon with another fascinating conspiracy. See you later alligator! 

vrijdag 6 december 2013


Was the arrest of Adolf Eichmann a distraction maneuver?

Adolf Eichmann

According to German journalist Gaby Weber, Adolf Eichmann wasn't kidnapped on May 11th 1960. Actually, the Mossad, the CIA, and the BND(the West-German intelligence service) knew about his whereabouts since the end of the war. Which raises the question: why they did not catch him before? Was Eichmann maybe a double agent? Was he informing about other Nazis in South America? And if that's true, was he then collaborating with Western intelligence services already before the end of the war? Was he then a traitor to the Third Reich?

 On May 22nd 1960 there was an earthquake in Valdivia(Chile). It was the most powerful earthquake ever, and it caused the death of approximately 6000 people. You would think that this event has nothing to do with Eichmann's arrest. But Weber learned from declassified BND files that the earthquake was provoked by US nuclear test in the Argentinian Patagonia.

Buildings damaged in the Valdivia earthquake(1960)

After being kidnapped, Adolf Eichmann was held prisoner in a secret location in Argentina. He was brought to Israel on May 22nd, the same day than the earthquake. Weber thinks that the two events were made intentionally to coincide; so that the day after Eichmann would be on the front page of every newspaper and not the earthquake. Weber was thrown out of the USA when she was investigating  this subject, which may prove that she is right. 
That's all folks!!

zondag 1 december 2013


Confusion in the Truth Movement

The Truth and Conspiracy Movement, just like any other human institution is infiltrated by the Illuminati. Some of the most famous conspiracy authors are rumored of being agents of the darkest forces in this world. We, the honest followers that read, listen and view their materials is little that we can do about it. They mix real information with disinformation. Sometimes they will even present "evidence" for this disinformation. It has been rumored for a long time that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent and that he is financed by the Koch brothers. That David Icke is an Illuminati agent or at least he is used by them to present crazy, bizarre and unbelievable theories to discredit the conspiracy theories which are totally true and very easy to prove. That Jordan Maxwell and Michael Tsarion are Satanists, and we could go on and on and on.


From top to bottom: Alex Jones, David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell

The accusations above may or may not be true. It's difficult to know. I promise that I'll investigate deeper into those men and I'll make another article about it. There is little we can do stop the Illuminati spreading misinformation. The only thing we can do is check out everything and not believe everything they tell us. 
But an even bigger problem is how the millions of bloggers and internet film-makers around the world let filtrate their religious and political ideas to the material they publish often with little regard for the truth.
For example, somebody who has been educated as a Protestant will say that the Vatican is behind the Illuminati, when the Catholic Church isn't more or less infiltrated by the Illuminati than any other institution. Actually all the churches are infiltrated by them. Especially troubling is the way some christian Zionists who call themselves "truthers" are defending Israel without ever caring to look to Israel's crimes against humanity and their more than clear ties with the New World Order.
We, all the truthers, all the conspiracy theorists who are against the NWO, should forget about our differences and use all our forces to fight against the NWO. to unveil the truth without having any holy cow, no matter how ugly this truth may be for us. That's what we, all truthers should do and I for sure will do, from this blog. Greetings.