maandag 28 oktober 2013


9/11 is a day that will live in infamy, but not because of the attacks on the US that killed over 3,000 people. It is less well known is that September 11th is the anniversary of the overthrow of the elected government of Salvador Allende by general Augusto Pinochet’s CIA-backed forces in Chile. The coup in Chile led to a bloody US-sponsored dictatorship that lasted from 1973 until, roughly, 1990. Like the Pinochet period, the post-Pinochet period is characterized by comprador politics. However, comprador rule in Chile today is not as heavy handed, crass and overt as it was under Pinochet. Certainly more people died at the hands of Pinochet, as a result of US policy in Chile, than died in the attacks against the US in 2001. Certainly more died at the hands of the brutal military and police dictatorship, died at the hands of death squads, and died by the structural violence of capitalism-imperialism than died in the New York attacks. Yet Americans get teary eyed over the latter, not the former. America’s reaction to 9/11, once again reflects that Americans, generally speaking, do not value the lives of people in the Third World. The coup in Chile was just one more crime in a century of crimes perpetuated against the peoples of Latin America and the Third World by the US. The death toll of US imperialism runs into the billions. By comparison, the few thousand who died in the 2001 attacks are a drop in the ocean.
Even though the government of Salvador Allende leaned toward the Soviet Union, having pro-Soviet regimes in Latin America was preferable to the traditional domination by Western imperialism, especially US imperialism. In addition, some of the Soviet-leaning forces in Latin America had a popular and progressive character. Since Europe destroyed itself in World War 2, Europe could no longer hold onto its colonies in the Third World. The US largely took over the management of Europe’s colonies. Thus the old European colonialism was replaced by US neocolonialism. The US reached such imperial heights that nearly the entire US population, including the US working class, became exploiters of the Third World. For almost all of the post-World War 2 period, overall Soviet strength never really matched US strength.

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013


The world has never been so small and good communicated as it is now. News are known by the minute, and we can communicate instantly and for free with our friends and relatives. It is wonderful to see the news appear on your screen as soon as they happen, and to share them with your friends if you want. But there is a darker side to this also. The authorities also never had so many possibilities to control and follow individuals not by the minute, but by the second. Governments can know anything about their subjects at any moment that they like. And when I say anything I mean anything! It is now possible to follow  somebody 24 hours and know where he is at every moment, listen to everything what he says and see most of what he does only by following the signal of his mobile phone and using its camera and microphone. And this supposing that is not the individual himself the one who is  not posting everything what he do on Facebook or some other social network.
Difficult times are coming. Times of wars, revolutions, crisis and social unrest, and the Illuminati want to have everybody under control.
The world oil production, on which the world economy is based has peaked already. That was maybe not the cause of the economic crack of 2008, but probably will produce that in the long run the economy
will not recover. Then can the economy no longer sustain a population of 7 billion people, at least not in its current form. That's why the murderous elite have set in place the biggest and most evil conspiracy of all times. They intent to murder at least two thirds of the world population. That's why they want to have everybody under control so that they know who needs to be murdered. Once they have achieved their murderous objectives they will need to control the remnants of the population in a system which then will already be openly dictatorial.
You may think now that there are ways to avoid control, but nothing is further from the truth. For example, if you take out the battery of your phone to avoid being localized, they will find you through the chip in your identity card(which in most countries you are forced to have in your pocket), or the one which is in your health card. They will also know everywhere you go through the GPS and the chips of your car, you motorcycle, or your bicycle. Or they know which public transport you use and where by following where you are using your personal public transport chip-card  If you buy a single card or you have an anonymous chip-card they will follow you through your mobile phone or your documentation. They know how much money you have in your pocket through the chips they have in money notes, so they can also know everything you buy, where you buy it and when. Needless to say they can also follow and control your credit card and turn it out whenever they find it necessary. And of course they have always known how much money you have in your bank account and they can steal it if they want. The aim of all this is that one day, after the big genocide where they will eliminate at least two thirds of the world population, to have the remnants of it chipped  The technology already exists. They will chip us with the same chips they use to chip pets and cattle. The only difference will be that those chips will have a chamber with poison to kill anyone who is not nice to them.
That will be the end result of a big conspiracy that is already a hundred years going on.
It is time to wake up now! If we don't do it before we know it we'll be all chipped  monitored, exploited, and killed whenever they want.
Think about it. If you don't do something now soon you and most of your family will be murdered. It's up to you.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Revelation 13, 16-17)


Staged wars of the USA

The United States always claim to be the defenders of peace and democracy in the world. But you only need to look a few inches behind the official story to see that this isn't the case. They last hundred years or so the USA has been acting as a kind of Illuminati police force in the world. Acting, sometimes alone, sometimes together with some of their puppets, like the UK, France or the NATO. The normal procedure is to create some kind of false-flag event to have an excuse to attack a country, overthrow its regime and convert  it into a US-Illuminati puppet country. Here you have some examples:

1. Spanish-American war (1898):

The USA, that since the begin of the nineteen century was following an aggressive expansionist policy in Latin America, brought the USS Maine into the port of Havana without asking for permission to the Spanish Colonial Authorities, which contravenes the diplomatic rules. The Spanish weren't intimidated and in response send their cruiser Vizcaya  to New York. On February 15, 1898, the Americans provoked themselves an explosion in the Maine. Which killed 355 US servicemen and ultimately sank the ship. From this moment on there was no way back any more. The US declared war on Spain. The north-american forces were clearly superior to the Spanish ones. But the Spanish could do little more than try to defend themselves to contain the damage to their already reduced empire. Not surprisingly Spain lost Cuba. But on the same war they also lost the Philippines and Guam, which were the most valuable parts of their empire. On the way, the US also annexed an unrelated country, Hawaii, which shows that the all war was nothing more than an imperialist enterprise. The Spanish-American war was the first case of a war triggered by a false-flag event, which would repeat itself repeatedly during the 20th and 21st centuries.

2. First World War (1914-1918):

The US was supposedly neutral at the begin of the war, but he indirectly supported the allies by sending them supplies. They started supplying weapons to the British in passenger ships to use civilians as human shields. Instead of recommending US citizens not to travel in those ships the US State Department remained silent. But the German Imperial Government published notices in the British and American press where they warned people that if they traveled in such ships it would be at their own risk, because they considered them as legitimate war targets, since they were transporting weapons. Indeed, the Lusitania was torpedoed and sunk on May 7th, 1915. 128 Americans died. The US government refused to compensate the families of the victims, but the Germans in an amazing act of chivalry did offer compensations to the victims. This and other naval incidents which could have been avoided were used (among other reasons) by the US government to enter the war in 1917.  

3. The Second World War (1939-1945):

   In the begin of the 1940's many people still remembered the pointless and unjustified entry of the US in the First World War, especially the families of the soldiers that died there, most of them draftees. That's why there should be very good reasons if the US were going to enter another war. Japan had been carrying out an expansionist policy in Asia during the decade of the 30's. But so was doing the USA also. A confrontation between both countries seemed unavoidable. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted nothing better than to enter the war. They could have easily avoided the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese codes were already cracked and FDR and other high officials of his administration had advanced knowledge of the attack. It's more, they anchored their outdated and broken ships at Pearl Harbor so that their good ships could be used in the coming war.
The Japanese were stupid enough to fall in the trap. After the attack there was no way back any more. FDR and his Illuminati masters had the pretext they wanted to enter the war.

4. The Cold War (1947-1991):

After the end of the Second World War, and the defeat of Japan and Germany, the Illuminati needed another external enemy to distract the attention of the people from internal problems. The communist Soviet Union was an obvious choice.
After the war the USSR was totally destroyed, it had lost 26 million citizens and its economy was exhausted. Stalin didn't have any intention to attack the USA. Even if he would have wanted to do it, he wasn't in condition to do it. Actually, he ordered the demobilization of most of the soldiers that were coming back from the war to put them into civilian jobs to start stimulating the economy.
Nevertheless, the US government started manipulating the media to present Russia as threat that was not. After all the atrocities of the war, the public was just ready to believe anything. Understandably, the USSR felt really threatened, and so started an arms race and a cold war that almost destroyed the world.

5. The Korea War (1950-1953):

In 1950 the Americans and the South Koreans started making military exercises and staged preparations for an invasion of the North in front of the eyes of the North Koreans. They believed they really were going to be attacked. Since there is no better defense than a good attack, Kim Il Sung asked permission to Stalin to invade the South. The Soviet leader approved Kim's plans. So started a three years long war that served its purpose: to keep the Military Industrial Complex going.

6. The Vietnam War (1955-1975):

On August 2nd, 1964, after already 14 years of involvement in the Vietnam War, the US government staged an naval incident in the Gulf of Tonkin so that they could escalate the war. Supposedly, USS Maddox fired upon North-Vietnamese ships after being harassed by them. Two days later a similar "incident" involved USS Turner Joy. The war killed 37.000 US servicemen and destroyed their families.

7. The War on Terror (2001)

I don't need to tell you that 9/11 was an inside job. It's just evident. Just Google 9/11 inside job and you'll get millions of sites explaining it to you. Probably Al-Qaeda did not even exist.

8. The Iraq war (2003-2011):

In 2003, the Bush mobster regime sold the movie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The public, that by now was already so hypnotized by the garbage on TV and the poison in their food that they did not even care if it was true or not. Although the war ended officially in 2011, thousands of soldiers remain in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan to threaten Iran. They also had a minor war in Libya in 2011 and they are fighting a proxy war in Syria through the Sunni rebels their. Actually, since the war in Iraq the US go around overthrowing any regime they don't like, with or without UN approval. They don't care about that. They don't care about anybody. The Illuminati mafia that controls the US government cares only about themselves.

zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Killed by the Illuminati

Millions of people have been murdered since the Illuminati are around or they simply died because of their actions. Most of them died as a consequence of war, famine or disease, the instruments normally used by the Illuminati to eliminate people that for them are nothing more than cattle.
But some murders call the attention because of its strangeness and because of the prominence of the killed persons. What is the most scary the last years is that they can provoke deadly tumors on anyone they like with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Examples of this are Karla Turner and Hugo Chavez. Here is a list of some of the most interesting Illuminati killings of the last centuries:
1. Abraham Lincoln:
He was the president of the US during the American Civil War. He introduced the green-back 
(debt free money), from which the international financiers didn't make any profit. That's why he was shot by an Illuminati hit-man just after the end of the war.

2. James V. Forrestal:
Secretary of Defense under president Truman, a hard-line anti-communist. As a Secretary of Defense he knew about the UFO crash in Roswell and the retrieved alien bodies. He knew that aliens can influence the behavior of people, read their behavior and even occupy their bodies. He wanted to warn the people about it. To stop him, first he was interned in a psychiatric hospital, and later he was thrown out of a window of the hospital, which he didn't survive.

3. Marilyn Monroe:
 Actress and lover of president Kennedy. As such she knew about state secrets, presumably about extraterrestrial life. To keep her mouth shut, she was murdered in 1962. Her death was attributed to a "suicide" by an overdose of barbiturates.

4. John Fitzgerald Kennedy:
President of the US. Like Lincoln, he printed debt-free money. He was looking for reconciliation with the Soviet Union, which would have damaged the military industrial complex. He also made speeches against secrecy and secret societies and was considering to make public the UFO files.
All this costed him his life on November 22nd 1963. He was murdered by the CIA and patsy Lee Harry Oswald was charged with his murder.

5. Ernesto "Che" Guevara:

Argentinian revolutionary with Cuban nationality. He participated in the Cuban revolution which freed the Cuban people from US imperialism and exploitation. When he was also trying to liberate the Bolivian people, he was murdered by a death-squad hired by the US. His last words were: "You can kill a man, but not his ideas".

6. Martin Luther King:
    Civil rights activists that, with the help of JFK, was getting more rights for blacks and cracking the system of exploitation of the Illuminati. He was shot in 1968.

7. Robert Francis Kennedy:
Brother of deceased president JFK. He was running for president to continue the policies of his brother, but of course, the Illuminati weren't going to allow that. He was shot on June 6th 1968, and the murderer Sherhan Sherhan presented signs of mind control. To this day he still doesn't 
know what happened.

8. Salvador Allende:
President of Chile. He put the interests of his people before the interests of US companies. That's the reason that he was murdered in a US sponsored coup in 1973. Bloody dictator Augusto Pinochet was put in his place to start a 17 years long reign of terror.

9. John Paul I:
After being named pope, he wanted to clean the Vatican of Illuminati's and to end financial corruption. But that wasn't going to be, because he was poisoned by the Illuminati in 1979, after only one month on the throne.

10. Stephen Knight:

British writer. He wrote different books uncovering the dirty secrets of the Freemasons. They provoked a cancer in his head with a DEW. He died at the age of 33, a symbolic  number for Freemasons.

11. Karla Turner:
Alien abduction investigator. She revealed many secrets about the alien agenda and the US government place in it. After receiving many threats, she died of a strange form of fast growing cancer in 1996. Other abductees are also getting these strange forms of cancer.

12. Phil Schneider:

Former US government geologist and UFO investigator. He revealed many secrets about underground Illuminati bases and the cooperation of the US government with some alien races. He was strangled in his home in 1996.

13. Billy Cooper:
New World Order investigator. After correctly predicting 9/11 the Illuminati could not afford to let him live any more. He was shot in his house in 2001.

14. Michael Jackson:
Pop star. After being a tool of the Illuminati for many years he turned against them in the early 90's and started making songs with social content. Then he was accused of being a pedophile and in the end he was murdered in 2009 with a drug overdose, just before a tour he was going to make around the world.

15. Muammar al-Gaddafi:
Leader of Libya. He liberated the Libyan people of the financial domination of the Illuminati. He planned to do the same with the rest of the Middle East by creating a gold currency and accepting only gold in exchange for oil. Then the Illuminati attacked him through NATO and internal rebels. After losing the war he fled to his birthplace Sirte, where he was captured and shot in august of 2011.

16. Hugo Chavez:
 Leader of the Venezuelan people. He was the first president that put the interests of his people before the interests of the US oil companies. They tried to overthrow him with a staged CIA coup in 2002, which failed because of the massive support of the people for their president. In 2007 Aaron Russo said that Nicholas Rockefeller confessed to him in 2000 that they were going to overthrow Chavez. In the end the Illuminati provoked a cancer on Chavez, probably through a DEW. He died of cancer in march 2013. Two months later his vice-president and successor Nicolás Maduro was elected president to continue his work.

17. And the thousands upon thousands of nameless people killed by the Illuminati through all the years and that are still being murdered every day.