zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Killed by the Illuminati

Millions of people have been murdered since the Illuminati are around or they simply died because of their actions. Most of them died as a consequence of war, famine or disease, the instruments normally used by the Illuminati to eliminate people that for them are nothing more than cattle.
But some murders call the attention because of its strangeness and because of the prominence of the killed persons. What is the most scary the last years is that they can provoke deadly tumors on anyone they like with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Examples of this are Karla Turner and Hugo Chavez. Here is a list of some of the most interesting Illuminati killings of the last centuries:
1. Abraham Lincoln:
He was the president of the US during the American Civil War. He introduced the green-back 
(debt free money), from which the international financiers didn't make any profit. That's why he was shot by an Illuminati hit-man just after the end of the war.

2. James V. Forrestal:
Secretary of Defense under president Truman, a hard-line anti-communist. As a Secretary of Defense he knew about the UFO crash in Roswell and the retrieved alien bodies. He knew that aliens can influence the behavior of people, read their behavior and even occupy their bodies. He wanted to warn the people about it. To stop him, first he was interned in a psychiatric hospital, and later he was thrown out of a window of the hospital, which he didn't survive.

3. Marilyn Monroe:
 Actress and lover of president Kennedy. As such she knew about state secrets, presumably about extraterrestrial life. To keep her mouth shut, she was murdered in 1962. Her death was attributed to a "suicide" by an overdose of barbiturates.

4. John Fitzgerald Kennedy:
President of the US. Like Lincoln, he printed debt-free money. He was looking for reconciliation with the Soviet Union, which would have damaged the military industrial complex. He also made speeches against secrecy and secret societies and was considering to make public the UFO files.
All this costed him his life on November 22nd 1963. He was murdered by the CIA and patsy Lee Harry Oswald was charged with his murder.

5. Ernesto "Che" Guevara:

Argentinian revolutionary with Cuban nationality. He participated in the Cuban revolution which freed the Cuban people from US imperialism and exploitation. When he was also trying to liberate the Bolivian people, he was murdered by a death-squad hired by the US. His last words were: "You can kill a man, but not his ideas".

6. Martin Luther King:
    Civil rights activists that, with the help of JFK, was getting more rights for blacks and cracking the system of exploitation of the Illuminati. He was shot in 1968.

7. Robert Francis Kennedy:
Brother of deceased president JFK. He was running for president to continue the policies of his brother, but of course, the Illuminati weren't going to allow that. He was shot on June 6th 1968, and the murderer Sherhan Sherhan presented signs of mind control. To this day he still doesn't 
know what happened.

8. Salvador Allende:
President of Chile. He put the interests of his people before the interests of US companies. That's the reason that he was murdered in a US sponsored coup in 1973. Bloody dictator Augusto Pinochet was put in his place to start a 17 years long reign of terror.

9. John Paul I:
After being named pope, he wanted to clean the Vatican of Illuminati's and to end financial corruption. But that wasn't going to be, because he was poisoned by the Illuminati in 1979, after only one month on the throne.

10. Stephen Knight:

British writer. He wrote different books uncovering the dirty secrets of the Freemasons. They provoked a cancer in his head with a DEW. He died at the age of 33, a symbolic  number for Freemasons.

11. Karla Turner:
Alien abduction investigator. She revealed many secrets about the alien agenda and the US government place in it. After receiving many threats, she died of a strange form of fast growing cancer in 1996. Other abductees are also getting these strange forms of cancer.

12. Phil Schneider:

Former US government geologist and UFO investigator. He revealed many secrets about underground Illuminati bases and the cooperation of the US government with some alien races. He was strangled in his home in 1996.

13. Billy Cooper:
New World Order investigator. After correctly predicting 9/11 the Illuminati could not afford to let him live any more. He was shot in his house in 2001.

14. Michael Jackson:
Pop star. After being a tool of the Illuminati for many years he turned against them in the early 90's and started making songs with social content. Then he was accused of being a pedophile and in the end he was murdered in 2009 with a drug overdose, just before a tour he was going to make around the world.

15. Muammar al-Gaddafi:
Leader of Libya. He liberated the Libyan people of the financial domination of the Illuminati. He planned to do the same with the rest of the Middle East by creating a gold currency and accepting only gold in exchange for oil. Then the Illuminati attacked him through NATO and internal rebels. After losing the war he fled to his birthplace Sirte, where he was captured and shot in august of 2011.

16. Hugo Chavez:
 Leader of the Venezuelan people. He was the first president that put the interests of his people before the interests of the US oil companies. They tried to overthrow him with a staged CIA coup in 2002, which failed because of the massive support of the people for their president. In 2007 Aaron Russo said that Nicholas Rockefeller confessed to him in 2000 that they were going to overthrow Chavez. In the end the Illuminati provoked a cancer on Chavez, probably through a DEW. He died of cancer in march 2013. Two months later his vice-president and successor Nicolás Maduro was elected president to continue his work.

17. And the thousands upon thousands of nameless people killed by the Illuminati through all the years and that are still being murdered every day.

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